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Teach Them Young

We are honored to be the new owners of the Candid Ham Photo Booth! After experiencing it firsthand as guests at an event, the simple joy of climbing into a vintage 1962 trailer to get our picture taken was fun & we left with a custom printed photo strip that we still have today! When we were approached to be the new owners we couldn't turn the opportunity down, it is more than just a cute mobile photo booth, it is an opportunity to teach our children what entrepreneurship can look like, the importance of ethics & integrity and to find joy in the work you do! 

Steen & Jessica Jurado

Say hello to Ruby!

...a rare 1962 ‘canned ham’ trailer which has been fully rehabbed and decked out in mid-century modern décor.


Fully equipped with state of the art photo booth equipment and studio lighting, our little trailer can photograph up to four people inside. Most customers find her SO adorable that they also use her as a beautiful backdrop too.

So why the name Candid Ham? Canned ham is what they call these tiny vintage trailers since they resemble the shape of canned hams that became a household staple in the 1920's-40's. 

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